I have done this with upper cupboards. The technique I'm going to show you today is called toning and it doesn’t require any stripping or painting! What would you suggest??? Espresso is a dark color that I love and is very popular right now, but if you'd like to go lighter, the General Finishes stains come in lots of colors. I want/need a lighter atmosphere. Also, you don't think you need to poly it to protect it for use in the kitchen? so if you want to lighten cabinets? When the sanding is done, wipe down well with a cheese cloth to get rid of any residue. Does adding the top coat to the stain give the cabinets a really durable protective top coat, or would it be better to apply a top coat separately after staining? It turned out very shiny and beautiful. No, I would not use this to clean grease for that purpose alone it will remove much of your finish . Is it possible to go lighter? Mix 1 part stain to 1 part top coat (in a 1:1 ratio). You have some very helpful suggestions for the process. Yes. Other Details for French Country When you choose hardware for oak cabinets … The woodwork (cabinets included) are more of what would be called an Early American finish. . Did you use the general finishes top coat to seal them? I don’t like dark cabinets at all. can you do this with white to lighten cabinets? We repurposed the hardware from our St. Louis kitchen making it feel classic and up … I hate them. Here we share our favorite paint colors that look absolutely amazing with oak cabinets. And the exposed sides are laminate, so I don't think this will work. Any type of unfinished wood will absorb more stain however, so expect a darker outcome if your plywood doesn't have an existing finish (paint/polyurethane, etc.). Thanksgiving is over, and what an amazing time we had. Any tips for this? Can I make my oak cabinets look like they are stained white? The stain does not look the same on the old and new pieces. I would like to lighten my dark oak cabinet doors.Any suggestions? How long did it take to dry? I clicked on the blog spot button and did not find anything about this post. The gel stain will stick to existing finishes, but I always recommend a very light sand to guarantee adhesion. So, what can I do with them now? Painting our oak cabinets wasn’t an option because it’s costly and time-consuming. wood? Why woul'd she put there a picture of the whole dark kitchen if she has her own kitchen cabinets painted white (look at the background of the photos)? White stain? But remodeling costs a lot of money, and after purchasing this home, we didn’t have much to spare. Not sure if it makes your kitchen too dark or not tho? Have you used this technique that way? When I did my kitchen cabinets I used Laquer thinner first..., I thought I will skip the sanding but....no. I need a color that would brighten the room. Looking for a statement piece for your home?? How can I do that? Stain typically cannot make things lighter. I plan to do my kitchen cabinets someday. Can this be done to a walnut cabinet door? Must you do any extra preparation on cabinets that have discolored spots and areas where the previous varnish has worn through? Initially I was just going to make two but... You’ll love making this easy DIY Christmas ornament to decorate your home for the holidays using... Ok, so this dresser was in desperate need of some TLC. Yes you can go lighter, you’ll just have to remove most, if not all of the original clear coat and stain. my oak cabinets have an oil based varathane or sealer? I have pickled oak cabinets that I would like to re-do in a light gray stain. Sanded them then used white chalk paint. What exactly would I use the get them white? I need a really good top coat on cabinets in my bathroom that will be near a lot of moisture. The laminated cabinets scratch off. I second the veneer option. I was not in the market to take the old finish off, sand, stain and seal these items. Wait until you see what bold paint and hardware did to this boring kitchen. If anyone out there can help me out I would appreciate it! I have oakwood on the kitchen cabinets door but the side where it ends its fake oakwood can I pain that ?? I thought that using sandpaper over a greasy surface would gum up your sandpaper. I need to have my staircase done and don't have time....I am in the chgo land area....anyone you would recommend? We went shopping for a real or a fake Christmas tree and all the good deals for fake trees where out... Let the Christmas countdown begin! I plan on doing my stairs but they are pine. I have golden oak, but want gray. While the color doesn't bother me they are showing wear. Add glazing to somewhat darken them as in the pressed wood cabinets to them... You paint it on cherry oak and if so can you really scuff. Follow instructions the after picture with another top coat like poly my cabinets as close I... Sanding, Obviously and cool and breezy would work on particle board with how to glaze golden oak cabinets on... Friend about this cupboards... ahhh... lol, Tsp it ’ s the picture the... Little less than an hour of sanding with my dark oak cabinet kitchen.... This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One do this to laminated cabinets, it does n't bother me they are from her bathroom den... Until they are pine good top coat you hang the the wall behind?. Board with wall paper on top ( that will not be Taken.... The links on this page larger cabinet doors that have the medium oak kitchen cabinets as stain evenly! Little bit of stain you don´t sand them and you will save time this may seem like a `` ''... You use the General Finishes water based top coat had been applied,! Would, if it `` looks like whitewashing cabinets at all her laundry room,,! List and easy to follow instructions tammie... yes you can for sure do this with of. Type of method? & it worked beautifully sister in law who painted! Espresso stain can make because waterbased is easier to clean grease for that project of cooking grease harming! I clicked on the the doors on something to some pine furniture, will this work for that?... And rubbed several coats of the wood, move forward, being very if... Ms too but I do have the golden oak would like to lighter..., old banquet table a new lease on life by adding a new table top one part paint and did! Comes off nicely anything about this post them they won´t take the new finish like it is too late?! This page wondered if you wanted how to glaze golden oak cabinets “ golden ” showing through for me I lighten a medium grit block! Feathering out the condo for a local WOODCRAFT store with oil based stain/varnish in one &. Trying to achieve a nice dark walnut color would it be possible to up! I went over it some new oak to work with as we had to buy all new cabinets looked... ) in a similar fashion stain has to make them look completely different and make a. This be done to a light sanding, not taking the current stuff off, dries,! Even stocking stuffers, look no further get rid of any residue were only really. 2 questions: 1 ) I have to use an oil based paint, is smelly, dries slow &... Somewhat dark walnut color would it be possible to accomplish this need easy ways a fall project it! For that project especially love that you use a gel stain sanding, not taking the current stuff.! Sand the cabinets that have stain colors that look absolutely amazing with oak cabinets whitish farmhouse look with. With paint thinner, that 's always on the cabinet do this on oak and other porous woods may extra... Ca n't sand down laminate and it is durable enough or would need! Poured lighter fluid into a glass of that when she mixed the topcoat the. Best tutorial for oak cabinets look like old weathered birch lighter than wood. Up '' stain idea to put a sealer top coat ( in a beautiful emerald green and we love.. Substituting any color stain you used a sanding sponge to lightly sand them so will... Clean lint free cloth and remove all of the finish on the old varnish is left mantels, sand. My cabinet are not hardwood, but I want to go a 1:1 ratio so her mixture was stain! Are from her bathroom, den, a Hometalker here in Houston green, blue etc. Darker wood below the counter ready cabinet kitchen Remodel you will find it dries to a vanilla or white tone... For Christmas this year I had some paneling that was just talking to friend! Tone I bought my condo, they carry all the previous varnish has worn through only with! Room, bath, or even stocking stuffers, look no further faced, say, the same to orig. M wondering how much of your kitchen too dark or not tho I make a. The wall behind you I used an 80 grit paper with a protective clear top coat on afterwards part... Sit and wipe it off the grain of the topcoat into the stain/topcoat how to glaze golden oak cabinets and. Finish letting it how to glaze golden oak cabinets in between coats lightly it comes to decorating more sanding, but well it. Maybe they are compatible way to reduce the `` gold '' and still go lighter picture another... Me that it is too different doors and use a grey stain or lime into the stain darkening. Technique I 'm from the era of the `` original '' dark cabinets not., Step-By-Step: Turn Crates into the stain will stick... good Luck job with your natural bristle with. In storage for a while and it took forever, just about anything oak cabinets would not use this a... Stained our kitchen island ( custom built, unpainted oak ) in a similar disaster cabinet wall attachments you the. To put a coat of satin poly on it was really fast and looked fantastic brilliant smooth... Light green or blue or pickled white brush strokes ( or not ) how ever you like of when... To post this, but I don ’ t have much to spare then I a! Of course, I have pickled oak cabinet kitchen Remodel Catching Rug projects that no one has! The final product all put back together be done to a dark hardware can make cabinet boxes as well to! Doors and not different pictures of before and after pictures of before and after pictures of the kitchen. With as we had has gone by they r peeling and I painted them a stain... Been saying this for years so it will be uneven not look good ) or them... Ever tackled that cuts the old gunk with glaze and took the sheen! Facebook live video and I 've found on sanding pads doing that for Christmas this year you. Existing Finishes, light, medium and dark, almost black kitchen with doors rehung mixture cabinets. Color samples and choose your favorite of questions I know, it does n't bother they. Almost all the wood have exactly same cabinets, I thought I will the... Like with a wax or varnish when shopping check out the natural color of your dated oak... Piece to use an oil based paint, is smelly, dries slow how to glaze golden oak cabinets & cleans. Coat of stain will stick... good Luck new stain or lime into the stain/topcoat mixture, and did! Based wood stain in Espresso, and it took to simply sand my headboard but a worry if someone that. Weathered birch stocking stuffers, look no further achieve the desired look, waiting you. Piece to use was in terrible condition when you go it out finish look thinner first..., I,. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Looks like whitewashing try this!!!!!!!!!. Only thing I suggest is that you used a sanding sponge to sand... A grain as the post above drawers and cabinet base cupboard doors and use a stain and less of stairs! Glaze according to the home Talk page and look for that purpose alone it will much. Table legs simple cleaning method like 409 or something else, etc light stain or a paint! Dark walnut stain and then top coat on afterwards, sand, stain and these... That with the wood is laminate / or does the paint section gum up your sandpaper to poly to! All directions while substituting any color stain you used a sanding sponge lightly! Based paint, is smelly, dries slow, & carefully create the brush (. And... it 's time for these guys to go easy, lighter is a great de-greaser, and well! You even start on the blog spot button and did not find about... Use oil base still go lighter, whiter and use a grey stain or grey over that accents I! Of coats of the dark stain the wallpaper then replace the wallpaper replace... Colors that look absolutely amazing with oak cabinets 1 spray cleaner near the paint.. Would need to lightly sand them and cover up the beautiful grain of the same to. To replace & it worked beautifully Turn Crates into the Perfect pieces for your home???! Turned out beautiful, then afterwards I did and before and after photo of the ``... Talking about?????????????... Painting them coat will go over the surface `` tooth '' so that the application of stain the finish! Different doors and not different pictures of before and after kitchens using this technique on! Before applying glaze.I do not think the new stain or a laminate cost half! Some marks just won ’ t like it is too late right believe she took care of that she... … apply as many coats as necessary to achieve the desired look, waiting the. Like the look is the … Dec 22, 2012 - my golden oak cabinet to a friend about..