Cucumbers, Brussels, Broccoli, Chard, Lettuce… and feeding Goats. Cabbage, kale, broccoli and lettuce are favorites of most goats. Tomatoes are nightshade also so stay away from them. Some horses will eat anything you put in front of them, including things that aren’t good for them and things that aren’t food. Pigs are omnivores and can eat almost any kind of food, but that does not mean all kinds of foods are healthy for them. We have discussed cereal grains, tuber foods that are used for pig feed formulation, so also high protein sources in the past.. Let’s discuss fruits and vegetables pigs can eat, and those that are dangerous to their health. Goats can eat zucchini; you will be surprised at the variety of fruits goats love to eat. Goats adore woody browse, but they also enjoy eating other plants. As long as they eat a healthy and balanced diet, goats can enjoy raisins, corn chips and even a few slices of bread. Goats also enjoy munching on healthy fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, pears, peaches, bananas, grapes, carrots, lettuce, celery, pumpkin, squash, and spinach. It’s important to learn to recognize plants that are toxic to goats and how to address the symptoms. I’ve known for a long time that cows (and sheep and goats, etc) will eat pumpkins, but I’ve never tried feeding them cucumbers. However, young curious goats are apt to get into anything! Can I safely feed corn of any kind to my goats? They can eat all parts of the watermelon including the flesh, rinds, seeds and even vines. Goats are known to eat all of the pine needles off a tree if they can reach them. The short answer is yes, horses can eat cucumbers. I am sure some horses eat cucumbers and had no issues, but I would avoid the possible problem by NOT feeding ANY cucumbers to my horses. Discussion in ' Goat Frenzy ' started by bree00 , Jun 9, 2009 . Can goats eat banana peels? That’s how I feel right now. Well, this year, I’ve grown a LOT of cucumbers, and I have so many that we can’t keep up with them. Sheep are very sensitive to copper and can easily suffer from copper toxicity (they are ten times more susceptible to the condition than goats). “Goats are one of the most flexible eaters,” says Steve Hart, PhD, a goat extension specialist at Langston University Research and Extension in Langston, Okla. “They can eat as much grass as cattle and as much browse as deer. The more uncertain question is will your horse like cucumbers? To the goat’s credit, most adults will not eat enough of them to cause poisoning, particularly if they have access to good hay and feed. I've never heard of anyone doing the same with goats, but I can't find any indication that the nutritive content of the pumpkins would be problematic for goats. Rabbits usually love cucumbers, however, you need to be careful not to give your rabbit too much cucumber. or even death if the rumen shuts down completely. Goats are provided with some form of protection against diseases thereby allowing for increased productivity. Thanks for sharing the video - I didn't comment when I read about Dreyfus 'cause I was crying - I love my animals beyond reason and even when it is time for them to go I hate that final goodbye. Cucumbers and melons are well tolerated. Reading Time: 4 minutes One common question I get is “ I am continually amazed at what certain goats will or won't eat - one of my favorite does adores tomatoes and most of the others won't even take pieces from my hand. They've gotten tomato's, cucumbers, peppers, and corn. Cucumbers only contain about 8 calories per one-half cup of slices, compared to the 40 calories in a single medium Milk Bone biscuit, and are very low in sodium and fat. What other types of garden refuse can they eat and not eat? You might want to check a people Breast-feeding list of foods to eat and avoid. The vegetables are crushed so that the goats do not choke. Other horses may be picky about eating at any new food including cucumbers. Can goats eat cucumbers? Dirty vegetables need to … Cucumbers and melons are well tolerated. ... Give goats overripe cucumbers and zucchinis, as well as tomatoes, celery, and peppers. Corn is basically safe for goats in small amounts. If you are caring for both sheep and goats, it’s critical that you do not give sheep access to minerals formulated for goats. Goats have the reputation of being able to stomach almost anything; in fact, they’re commonly used for weed control in landscapes, but are there any plants poisonous to goats?The truth is there are quite a number of plants goats can’t eat. Horses can't burp like cattle. 10 MOST EXPENSIVE PETS IN THE WORLD HERE - for watching this funny video of cats scared of cucumbers. Cabbage, kale, broccoli and lettuce are favorites of most goats. No Goat Sharing! When it comes to food, goats have a lot of personality; some may like it, others may not, but it is saved to try it out with your goat in a reasonable and not excessive way. Home Forums > Goat discussion forums > Goat Frenzy > what kinda of plants , fruits, and vegetables can goats eat? I too have given that to my goats. I know that my Pop-pop used to plant extra of several winter squashes, including pumpkins, to supplement his herd of cows through the winter. Likewise, consuming even a single leaf can prove fatal to humans. October 29, 2020 October 29, 2020 Admin 0 Comments. Watch and find out. A lot of times, here in Maryland Zone 7, I get great production from my cucumbers from late June until the end of July. Regarding new foods, we have one goat, Margherita, who will *never* eat anything new the first time; Carmelina, on the other hand, barely even sniffs something new before snarfing it down. The project list on the farm is getting longer and longer. They can eat all parts of the watermelon including the flesh, rinds, seeds and even vines. But that can’t stop the garden. ... Goats can eat watermelon and there is a decent possibility that your goats will absolutely love it! So far they've never had a … Everything seems to eat squashes/pumpkins, whether I want them to or not. Here’s a short list of common poisonous leaves and evergreen plants, which can be native to the East Coast or landscaped into it. This, in turn, can cause digestive disturbances (diarrhea, etc.) by Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) Cucumbers love the warmth of summer As the season goes on, your cucumbers can begin to look "beat up" and tired. Goats can eat cucumber in order to acquire necessary minerals and nutrients for daily sustenance. Cucumbers and melons are well tolerated. Add to Favorites . According to various research studies, cucumber supplements play an important role in maintaining healthy livestock. ... Goats can eat watermelon and there is a decent possibility that your goats will absolutely love it! Cabbage, kale, broccoli and lettuce are favorites of most goats. Sometimes it’s extremely difficult to find time to get things done! Cattle, horses, rabbits, goats, and sheep can eat deadly nightshade without ill effect, though many pets are vulnerable to its lethal effects. There’s so many things to do. Will cows eat CUCUMBERS?? Horses can react badly to gas inside. 11 Cucumber Companion Plants & 3 To Never Plant With Cucumbers Because it's so difficult to grow, belladonna rarely appears in gardens. Can goats eat tomatoes and celery? Your goat needs these bacteria to digest its food. People have asked me to share a listing of edible & poisonous plants for goats, but I hesitated to make a list of plants you can, or shouldn't feed, to goats because there is no possible way I, as one person, could know all plants the are poisonous to goats. You may not know this, but cucumbers can actually be a very healthy treat for rabbits. It may be from the high summer temperatures, insects, diseases or all three. Don’t be freaked out if your rabbit wont eat any cucumber.