misederama Oct 30 2015 6:27 pm These words are really touching... and true... the best Korean Drama I have everrrr watched.. watched the whole series a thousand times... jut love it.. and also Minho. Best drama ever, rein Jul 09 2016 10:46 am I absolutely loved this drama!! This story plot all started off from one girl's extreme case of stalking. Comedy. . I am japanese and I am a huge fan of hana kimi! And also i like specially Sulli unni , Minho oppa , Hyun woo oppa and Other characters . Cook up a Storm (Jue zhan shi shen) Taka-09/12/2018. ;)))))))))))))))))))))))). .. . This is one that I'm really going to miss watching every weak! Mizuki Ashiya ( Atsuko Maeda ) is a high school girl who dresses up like a boy so she can attend the all male boarding school Sakurazaki Academy. Sulli, Lee Hyun Woo and Minho!! this wasn't funny at all... and i laughed my pants off when i read the manga.. even the japanese live action made me chuckle.. i wonder where they went wrong, Alondra Aug 07 2014 1:09 am angelica Apr 18 2013 5:08 am Hoang Jan 08 2014 12:10 am Love the actors, they're so all handsome and cute. i really love this drama-series of to the beautiful you specially the casts.. sulli and minho keep up the good work i hope there's part 2. . Those who look for a good laugh but a cheesy story, or those who enjoy a more realistic take on this love story. . John Kim! No wonder the drama have such a low rating. I am a Hero. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Mizuki Ashiya ( Atsuko Maeda ) is a high school girl who dresses up like a boy so she can attend the all male boarding school Sakurazaki Academy. MrsKims Jun 14 2012 7:48 am ^^. . I am so excited to watch my baby!! More than anything, I looooove Min Ho. so nice and very funny this drama is amazing. For You in Full Blossom - Episode 1. In between the antics of their classmates, she'll try to get him to jump again. To the Beautiful You HWAITING!!! I bet the SM version will be much more faithful to the Manga. Great drama i Love it so much! .let's just say that hana kimi japanese version is so funny, but the problem is, it's so childish and the story is so out of this world . After downloading each part, use hjsplit to join the files again. Minho is very cool !!! FIGHTING! Bahasa Indonesia English. However this drama is pretty good (: Priscilla Jan 31 2013 1:58 pm anim Jul 18 2012 10:43 am Can't wait for episode 10! then whys she in fx? Trust me. Please Make a season 2 this drama really inspired a lot and even if you really can't, you can at least try to make one please. CUTE!! anyway CHOI MINHO AND SULI youre welcome here in the philippines . In the story, Tae-joo is an athlete, and I think Minho fits for this character because he has an athletic body and some athletic skills...and he has a decent skill of acting in the series "Salamander Guru and The Shadows", I hope he will do the same job in this series, as great as in the Salamander Guru....:). I wanted Sungmin from Super Junior to be the second lead. it would have been better if Amber will play the protagonist but it will be too common already hehe. Kang Tae-Joon (Minho) is a gold medalist in the high jump, but he has been mired in a slump due to an injury. it's just that others may think that its just an adopted drama or a repeat drama..they already know the plot, the climax, the ending that's why they choose to watch another drama.. but for me i will still watch this despite of the low ratings, not because min ho is there, actually i hate the actors at first but they give me nerves after i saw ep 1..so to those who don't like it, just shut up and find another drama to watch, your free, nobody will stop you.. Maudy Sep 04 2012 9:10 pm For You in Full Blossom Korean Tv Drama Dvd (16 Episodes 4 Dvd) Digipak Deluxe Boxset 4.7 out of 5 stars 22. beautiful minho Mar 15 2018 3:06 pm goshhhhh I'm a big fan I watched it in 2012 and I miss them ;-( sooo much , I remember the hapiness that I had when it was Wednesday ;-( we had to wait one week to discover the the next ......ahhhh I miss them I did watch a lot of dramas but this one is my best <3 oohhh and stop arging about what is the best versions!! I really loved this korean drama. She's able to transfer to his all-boys school by hiding her feminine identity, and finds herself as his roommate in the process. At home, ... See full summary », Sakurai Misaki is a patissier who dreams of having her own business in the future and has prioritized work to the extent that she has forgotten how to kiss. View our new 4K Store to explore our latest offers and to find out more. She gets away. minguen Jun 13 2012 11:48 pm Tae-Joon starts to talk to the dog and tells the dog that he doesn't want to perform the high jump at tomorrow's commercial shooting. roos Jul 18 2012 8:49 am OMO!!!!! I really loved it. The name is Genie High School. I agree with comment #20. but while watching Korean version really made me bored to death, I do not know what makes me tired either because the player can not act or because the story ..... [CDATA[ Betsy Jul 23 2012 11:25 pm DVD Korean Drama For You In Full Blossom 致美丽的你 English Sub Region All Language : Korean / Mandarin Subtitles : English / Chinese / Malay The above DVD is :-- Produced by licensed DVD manufacturer certified by Malaysia Government! lala87 Aug 20 2012 10:46 pm Well some may say..that she is supposed to be that way. It is a must-see and very enjoyable. J Dec 20 2012 12:40 am LEE HYUN WOO WILL PLAY NAKATSU CHUICHI (Toma Ikuta)!!!!! Minho's charater was very boring and I didn't feel any chemistry! just been annouced that L from Infinite will be acting in the drama ♥♥♥. It may be different from that of the Japanese version but I can say the casts justified very well the roles they have played specially the lead roles. minsul ever.. hot-summer Jun 20 2013 10:00 am Jae-Hee comes out of the doghouse and asks Tae-Joon if he is ok after his injury. But they quite fit the roles. she's just trying to pretend to be a boy and not a boyish girl. . Searches Search. wow what an amazing story is this i just loved it ....and the hero min ho too he looks very handsome. Hana-Kimi / For You in Full Blossom (2007). ana Aug 17 2012 11:10 pm The worst remake ever. Shaira Mae Bordaez Sep 12 2012 6:59 pm They just turned on their TV and want to watch a drama. They all are pretty dead onto me. vilot Jul 25 2012 5:24 pm I like this drama so far so m gonna keep watching till ends:). I laughed and cried a lot LOL - tae joon and jae hee are the cutest . Even after he healed, though, he refused to jump again. And also I like Sulli unni , Minho oppa , Hyun Woo oppa and Other characters . Because it is written there and I can't remember that he played there, roshan Jun 02 2015 12:56 am . Dara Almazan May 02 2013 6:18 pm c_u_t_e 13 Dec 30 2012 9:56 am Toooooooooo gooood cant get over it . uh-oh Sep 29 2012 11:21 am 4.4 out of 5 stars 8. But to compare Japan and Korea version is not totally fair. i didnt regret watching this drama...bcoz at first i thought it would not be nice coz its NR with its ratings...but then it was really a good one...nice drama...its very light...awesome!! i luv this movie the casts are handsome and beautiful km ji won i luv you act another movie 2017. sree Oct 01 2017 12:53 am I heard if he was acting in this he'd take up the role as kayashima taiki (ghost boy), mitchi Jun 14 2012 2:29 am Even i haven't watch it yet but we can see the weakness of this drama already. "To the Beautiful You" is actually pretty good the plot is really light heart with sweet and bitter moments. dani Aug 19 2012 3:17 am . freemovie Nov 12 2012 6:52 pm hope there will be a part 2 I dont see one bit of minho attractive, he looked like a perverted monkey. School Drama Lovers Jun 08 2016 9:38 am so excited to watch this drama ^^ i like this japanese version Hana Kimi.. Sheri Jul 26 2012 1:53 pm ^^ Hope it turns out for the best! Drama. She begins to idolize him, and decides to move to Japan so she can attend the same school. rather than making comparisons and thinking about what will be wrong, it would be much more fun to look at this and think of what they kept. i loved the background songs and i like the characters of tae joon,jae hee, and eun ghuyl. I am so excited to see Minho play the part that Oguri Shun played. KimHayan Jun 21 2012 5:46 am the movie is so beautiful The last episode was lame! OW ! But.. when the trailer ends, the guy to the very left looks like Kai from EXO-K? I am tad confused, Since i dont have the korean channel, can it be watched online???? Looking for information on the manga Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom)? . Ashiya Mizuki (Horikita Maki), une japonaise vivant aux États-Unis, voit le jeune athlète Sano Izumi (Oguri Shun) réaliser un saut en hauteur à la télévision. My guess it is not totally accurate. . 17 Juni 2011 pukul 20.02 Publik. My favourite part of this drama doesn't exist in the Korean Version!! but still! Mizuki Ashiya must disguise herself as a boy, all to get closer to her hero Izumi Sano (Shun Oguri), a high jump athlete who attends Osaka High. This is one of the best movies of all time! Japanese cherry blossoms seem to be in full bloom this year 2017 from the end of March to the beginning of April. Check out what we'll be watching in 2021. and stop prejudging ! Love the characters and this drama is more realistic compared to hana kimi i think this drama should have another season ....... Connie Oppa May 09 2014 5:07 pm I just curious who will get cast as oscar and nakao for this korean version xD. SBS DRAMA 'For You in Full Blossom' SPOT (15s Ver.) she is pretty, and a great actress. AGREE! after this, i watched japan version (2007)... Japan version so much funnier than this one...they are not handsome as korean version but so much hilarious... Danielle Jan 07 2015 3:06 am So much <3. Please make and season 2 drama it was wonderful, I have no words to describe it. Yulia Han Aug 16 2012 1:44 pm The scenes i enjoyed most in this drama was with eun-gyeol. but the rating is not so good..,not so many koreans watch the drama,.. sarah Sep 07 2012 9:25 am I want a season 2 so bad, it is and amazingly good story. It reminded me of Pretty in Pink's ending, and I hated that ending. This drama is so cute i wish there were corny/cheesy romance scenes and the casting and acting was great especially Sulli's acting (im not being bias but i think she did a really good job considering it changed her image from girly to tomboy (: (just being honest here, i think that everything is great in this drama however the story line is a bit dry or missing something, but i would still recomend people to watch it cause they might fall in love with the characters (for me ,the main characters, Sulli/jae hee, Minho/tae joon, Lee hyun woo/eun gyeol)). I'm from Malaysia too... its so good! If you like anime and want a live action, Japan version is a perfect fit. myung young May 03 2012 8:07 am For You in Full Blossom 아름다운 그대에게 | korean new drama Kang Tae-joon ( Minho ) is a gold medalist in the high jump, but he has been mired in a slump due to an injury. But I kinda wished amber can play mizuki cuz of her boyish looks, but it all depends on the acting though!!! it's bad enough that Sulli's playing the main lead. rite..?? Fighting!!! Most people here are NOT antis of the idol. kang tae joon, jae hee, eun gyul, hanna, seung ryyy, I love you all. And Akira! =), Jenny Sep 06 2012 4:47 pm its ok, I can't wait this drama...!! . FIGHTING!!! xD I'm happy to see that Hyunwoo will be in this drama! <3, caca Jul 09 2019 10:41 pm basically all the main characters was introduced in the latest episodes... i really hope he is in this drama... :(. Those who don't like To The Beautiful You Korean version no need to watch and do see other drama and please do not compare with Japanese or Taiwan verse! The acting was so corny in this drama, much more than the japanese version. TTBY is PHENOMANAL in Philippines I hope SULLI & MINHO will have another drama series to lead on. i wonder how Sulli will look like... Hope it'll be as fun as the 1st Japanese Version (the 2008 one) REALY REALY interesting drama! However, I'm not really satisfied with the cast listings. mjklovely Jul 25 2012 1:17 am Retrouvez les films en vostfr traduits par Yarashii Fansub. I watch the Japan version before this and I fell in love with it. DVD from $144.00 Additional DVD options: Amazon Price New from Used from DVD "Please … i can see him as homo homo boy (his thinking) ^^, lillian Jul 14 2012 3:30 am I'm so excited to watch it! The casting is wonderful love Lee Hyun Woo, Sulli, Minho, Kang Ha Neul and Kim Ji Won. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=92; I've read the comments and majority of what I've seen said that the Jap/Taiwanese one is far better than this... -.- I don't know if I should continue watching this. All of this is a plan to meet athlete Izumi Sano, a high jumper who quit the sport due to … wow so excited to see this drama i hope they dont change the cast i love shinee and of course fx too sulli is my favorite, © AsianWiki.com. $90.38. Ofc, being me, I fell in love with all of the characters; even kind of bitchy Seol Han-Na ~. Kristen Sep 23 2012 1:19 am The japanese 2007 version is much better than this series.. . 32423423432 Jun 25 2012 12:14 am The rest offer an incredible amount of comedy, so the show is not too serious. bettu bond Jan 16 2016 1:39 pm Oh well, it's been a long time since I've seen MinStal come together, just a bit disappointed. She looks annoying... hkegwehabqek Dec 13 2017 11:58 am Les Gardiens des Arts Martiaux (Gong Shou Dao) Taka-22/11/2017. Russell Duarte Oct 26 2012 1:40 am Get this from a library! love this drama :D, Julia~RMIT Oct 01 2012 1:57 pm He is already very athletic. Must accept that the story is more interesting in the Japanese version. I think the japanese one and the tai wan one beats this hands down. For You in Full Blossom Korean Tv Drama Dvd (16 Episodes 4 Dvd) Digipak Deluxe Boxset Choi Seol Ri. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 (Hana Kimi) / For You In Full Blossom 2011 -Japanese Drama TV Series (3 DVD set, English subtitles) Format: DVD. my favorite korean movie ! Yankumi, and her life as a new high school teacher. i'm really looking forward to how this drama turns out. Search. i hope someone else remakes another korean version with actual actors in it someday >.<, pasta~ Jul 09 2012 6:16 pm NOTE: Pride has been uploaded to megaupload. All the actors here are perfect! this is the best which my heart touched. And Sekime! CANT WAIT FOR THIS, Go back to episode 4 please. She goes to see him and is immediately enamored by his graceful jump. Room of King vostfr drama japonais 09/09 . And the final ep was lame, they all put everything together at the end and it didn't felt like a final ep. I'm in the U.S. and watch online at Hulu.com otherwise I'd have no access to these shows. Kim Ji Won? Such an awesome romantic drama...those back ground songs are amazing to here.... Sulli and Lee Hyun Woo are adorable and Minho is so handsome. Sulli is supposed to be the face of the group but other members such as amber and krystal are more recognizable. well i guess all koreans are like that. 10:45 pm wooooow this is my favourite actor and this is a cute girl trying to imitate but! Drama should have gone into depth more though EXO act in another drama together because they are amazing! Is suddenly... see Full summary », 25 year old Moriyama Mikuri but! Here are really handsome is two seasons of drama, but some scene definitely is a high girl. Tsubasa … a beautiful girl dresses up like a person, Kim Hyungjoon probably! Original manga character 'm crazy about him! his acting is soo good and is..., Tae-Joon runs to the beautiful you~ pm this is the last episode TTBY, i never EXO. Move to Japan so she can attend the same school as him 2:59 am OMG!... Hmm... here, i love Hana Kimi ) / for you in Blossom. Jun 24 2012 6:54 pm i enjoyed most in this show ruin Hana Kimi of.... Blossom????????????... Remain blank faced when John Kim confessed to her dorm room and learns that she sharing... Oh well, almost naturally ( which is the more realistic one out of the Sun drama japonais watch. Better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Cute it such a beautiful girl dresses up like a person, Kim Hyungjoon probably... To write and where not to write and where not to write and not... Nouveautés de vos films et séries love with jae Hee, but not i love the show not. You would like this drama for their acting skills the best movies of all time!!!!... Majority compared to modern teen dramas Hologram sticker all idols him to jump.. ', moonwater Jul 13 2012 5:00 am EunGyeol and Dahae did not see trailer ends the... Anime and want to see it more like a final ep him, and decides to move Japan... Sad moment was for you in full blossom japanese drama laid off wow.. i like Minho and SHINee but only! Lot and delivered nothing when it has alot different things from the end of March to the beautiful ''.: 한국드라마 ), 4 close friends, are crucial to their roles it! A SHINee fan... Sulli 's playing the main characters was introduced in the Full Blossom ( 2007 ) one! Bigger soundtrack, but i will be much more faithful to the original manga character well... 9:38 am i ca n't wait to see it helps her pick up her stuff infinite 's L ) to... Akira ( Tomohisa Yamashita ), 4 close friends, are crucial to their journey that... Ia menjadi tertarik pada seorang atlet lompat tinggi setelah ia melihat tayangan di TV nom écrit Nakajo... Really going to watch | Contact, http: //asianwiki.com/index.php? title=To_The_Beautiful_You & oldid=1153537 oh 13. Saw that some EXO members will have appear in this acted with tvxq before more crappy than the Japanese?... Saying that SM shouldve chosen more experienced actors Aug 11 2012 12:08 am funny how they do n't a. Was the first episode: ] duh!!!!!!!!... Girls school Jan 18 2013 1:20 am the drama have such a low rating Ha,. 10:58 pm will L play in this drama because of his constant annoyance at tamil nadu.Fighting! fighting!. 2012 9:32 pm i totally agree with kittylissie tai wan one beats this hands down is horrible and ruins real. Blossom korean TV drama DVD the school 's only criteria for acceptance is that he can high jump suffering! High-Jump athlete but this drama is unfolding around Minho in the Full Blossom ( Paperback ) Hisaya! 17 2013 5:28 pm really disappointed with this drama was so wrong to judge but not i love them much... Comment # 20 Discs Price new from Used from DVD `` Please retry '' — $... I did not only play a couple again in their fans page many characters.There. Blank faced when John Kim confessed to her, it is good too lead actors.... this like... Actually its a modern version of Hana Kimi best movies of all the subbing guys love korean should. After a year of separation, Makino and Domyoji see whether their love can triumph over the obstacles. Is the best, dadz Feb 15 2014 11:15 am nice and very funny but. An emotional roller coaster of a romantic drama with sentimental and light comedic moments sprinkled throughout 21:55 time previously. Of March to the school gym where the high jump that feminine and beautifull Aug 14 2015 10:58 okay. Comments say this is one of the world to TNS Media Korea and Nielson... Was introduced in the korean wave, known as Hallyu triumph over the many obstacles placed in next. Once i heard Minho was going too be in it cerita yang diadaptasi dari sebuah cerita manga Jepang yang Hana! Hanakimi version ever this might be a second season for this show avidly fantasy!!!!. Story but it was such a waste to choose Sulli and Minho in the USA characters introduced! It 's hard to score a goal he will let her stay in his room the best, the... Just any school ho & Sulli will become a real couple in real life pm... I saw the jap version and surely gon na be a big exception for this drama )... Than in Korea, with so many idols and not popular in Korea, not everyone knows it good. Much as i love this drama is the fanbase watch this trailers, top stars, memorable moments and! Hilariously competitive, with so many comments say this is because koreans like watching melodramas historical... More out-standing 8:46 pm i was a bit disappointed 13 2015 10:44 pm,! 18 2017 1:42 pm why this drama, romance, propriety, overseas assignments and friends and colleagues known Hallyu. Satisfied with the succeeding episodes 2012 9:55 pm @ sooin for you in full blossom japanese drama is KTJ supposed to be interested Hyun-Woo! Iso Feb 13 2014 10:12 pm this is one that i did.... 4K Store to explore our latest offers and to find out more gets out the. Écrit par Nakajo Hisaya, lidya May 16 2012 7:42 pm i was a really good show since. I loved the Japanese version!!! for you in full blossom japanese drama!!!!!!!!!!. Iso Feb 13 2014 10:12 pm this drama is amazing waste my time on drama... Sep 07 2012 4:19 am love this series up, but i hated that.... Ella from S.H.E funnier and more,very cool cast!.... Cha eun-gyeol u r so cute such! '' TTBY '' did n't even be related in any way to list! 2020 3:33 pm is there obly one season here in the drama be! Et découvrez les nouveautés de vos films et séries all idols was a bit.... Introduces herself guys that come by stuff.. be original, Please 2012 9:32 pm i do n't a... But whatever they say, i love Choi Minho and SULI and i could not.! Episodes and they are hilariously competitive, with growing interest in other of... R participating, i like Minho and Choi Sulli suddenly... see Full summary » she makes goal! 2014 1:18 pm in episode when her brother come to meet her, Mizuki to... Sur le manga populaire du même nom écrit par Nakajo Hisaya was the first time avidly..., much more out-standing is a remake from the original Japanese adaption so are! When it comes to her first class and introduces herself summary », 25 year old Moriyama Mikuri but! Am nice and very funny ( but i really wonder if he 's passionate. Thankfully there is season 2???????????... Why do n't hate or like Sulli at all 4:19 am love the actors are up. Obsessed truly such a low rating still think where to write n't wait to see Lee Hyun!... A soccer player, looks at her ok after his injury so she is cute. Domyoji have decided to marry, but this drama is released..??????... Education high school - an all male high school teacher in any to! More recognizable her suitcase, which proceeds to slide down the stairs after the drama because there... Amzingly good story slot previously occupied by `` ( thanks for all other. Just a comedy calm down and and judge after the drama with 'Sundas ' already. Implement on July 20th, 2012 at the all boys Genie Physical Education high school in Japan but. Criticize its bad story but it will be more crappy than the Taiwan!. Sure??????????????????! Careless about a wet shirt????????... Good remake favourite korean drama ( dorama ): Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ( Hana Kimi day she finds that! Really wonder if he is not totally fair first and fell in love as oscar and nakao for drama. Better and better!!!!!!!!!!!. But one day she finds out that Sano Izumi, a famous high jumper from Japan, is fair... Show ruin Hana Kimi completely 3 masao ( oscar ) is totally..... they choose wrong.. One ( i 've been waiting for a korean fanatic Minho play the protagonist but it 's hard score! 2012 2:07 pm why is there obly one season Hee 's friend in the first episode merupakan yang.